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OERTZEN - VacLav 1

Compact overview: OERTZEN - VacLav 1 - aircraft waste tank cleaner - cold water - ground support equipment - HEAVY DUTY - hp cleaner - vacuum toilet cleaner

***|OERTZEN - VacLav 1|***

VacLav 1 - Aircraft Vacuum Toilet Cleaning System

compact ground support equipment, on wheels
comprising of a high pressure pump aggregate 400/690 V/3~50 Hz -
VacLav 1 generates high pressure water which cleans aicrafts vacuum toilets and tubes.
Internal tank cleaner (option) cleans aircraft waste tanks

VacLav 1 - aircraft vacuum toilet cleaning system working with cold high pressure water only:
no chemicals - no damages to tubing system.

Application range: aircraft toilet cleaning, aircraft waste line cleaning, aircraft waste tank cleaning, high pressure cleaning, industrial cleaning

To start working, VacLav 1 drain cleaning hose 48 m / 157 ft (option) with drain cleaning nozzle goes into aicraft toilet. High pressure pump now generates hp water with max. 220 bar / 3190 psi working pressure. Drain cleaning nozzle pulls itself forward through toilet waste lines by it's backward directed nozzle jets - cleaning walls of tubing system powerful but damage-free. A disinfectant can be added to hp water stream.

VacLav 1 internal tank cleaner's (option) task is cleaning of aircraft waste tank. This device has a turning nozzle head with 2 jets, sitting on the end of an INOX shaft, mounted to waste tank with an expanding flange. Internal tank cleaner is driven by a 24 V electric motor - a hp hose delivers hp water from VacLav 1 unit.

Standard equipment: VacLav 1 hose reel with 30 m / 98 ft PANZERJET hp hose with ball valve, mounted on machine, VacLav 1 electric cable 25 m / 82 ft with 24 V plug on cable reel, mounted on machine

VacLav 1 drain cleaning hose 48 m / 157 ft with drain cleaning nozzle, on portable hose reel (710.800.766)
VacLav 1 internal tank cleaner (710.800.499)

Several adaptors and flanges for different aircraft models.

Other voltage and frequency on request.

Many airlines employ VacLav 1 already in their ground support units with maximum satisfaction.

Order-number: 710.000.299 Product request »


Technical characteristics

Water flow cleaning pump

23 l/min / 6.1 gal/min

Working pressure cleaning pump

220 bar / 3190 psi

Unloading pressure cleaning pump

240 bar / 3480 psi

Water flow vacuum pump


Working pressure vacuum pump


Air flow


Vacuum max.


Water supply

3/4 " diameter / 3 bar / 44 psi


400/690 V/3˜50 Hz (or on request)

Power consumption

16 A

Dimensions with chassis (LxWxH)

1100 x 650 x 800 / 42.9 x 25.4 x 32.2 in

Weight with chassis

167 kg / 368 lb

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technical data are subject to alterations

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