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Extremely short fire extinguishing times by micro-spraying of water. Procedure of high pressure fire fighting is based on atomizing of water. Producing finest water drops consequently will result in a large water surface. Hence cooling effect of water is best used (energy cut-off). At same time concentration of oxygen is reduced by development of water steam resp. supply of oxygen is blocked.

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The mode of effect

comparison of drops between C-pipe and HDLWater flow raised to a pressure of up to 250 bar causes water to exit spray nozzle of extinguishing pistol with high speed. Hence water mist also arrives at hard-to-reach seats of fire, e.g. in roof frameworks, wall panellings or false ceilings. In short time fire loses a great amount of energy because of vaporization of water. In turn, amount of oxygen in fire blaze sinks under critical limits leading to quench of already weakened fire. It is just this double effect which makes fire-extinguishing procedure with high pressure so effective.

Advantages in an overview

  • no set-up time
  • optimum use of cooling effect of water
  • quench effect by vaporization of water
  • extremely short time of fire-extinguishing
  • little recoil
  • minimum water consumption of maximum 23 l/min
  • avoiding of damage caused by fire extinguishing water and prolongation
  • addition of foam agents only when needed
  • small built-in measurements in vehicle

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